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Revolutionizing the industry by empowering members to curate their own opportunities

Our Story

Expert Finding is the brainchild of co-founder and CEO, Elizabeth Bennett. After observing her husband, a trial lawyer, struggle to find experts for several cases, only to turn to recruiters at significant cost after hours of endless database searches, she thought “there has to be a better way”. Wanting to bring the process of connecting legal professionals with industry experts into the technological age, she thought up a direct job posting and submission platform.

After working in the non-profit sector in arts administration and education with co-founder and COO Quinn Vogt-Welch, the two teamed up to begin the developmental process.

Expert Finding recognizes that the digital age is continuously adapting how businesses are run and connections are made. Technology can now bring us together faster and easier than ever before. With these principles in mind, we are joining the digital speed of the world to disrupt an antiquated system of expert witness vetting and procurement. By removing the middle man and simplifying the search process, we are empowering our members with the autonomy and freedom to curate their own opportunities based on their specific needs. We strive for complete transparency in our processes so that all of our members may run their ‘business’ as they see fit.


Elizabeth Bennett


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